Hosted Microsoft Exchange

Aarya Systems offers Hosted MS Exchange 2010 as part of its managed IT service to clients in NJ. Business with older versions of MS Exchange Server and POP email users will benefit from the enhanced features of Exchange 2010.

Some features of Hosted Exchange E-Mail

- Enhanced features of OWA 2010
- Access emails using web (IE, Firefox, Safari, Chrome)
- Large mailbox options
- ActiveSync support for iPhone, Android devices  
- Mobility
- Blackberry Enterprise Services support

How does hosted exchange help

In order to have Exchange server on premises you would need server hardware, server software, user client access licenses, Anti-Spam firewall, backup software and on site Admin to manage and administer it.

This is a typical scenario but if you have a lot of users you would need some type of redundant exchange where you need the mailbox store to be replicated to 2 or 3 servers. So putting all that together can cost thousands of dollars and the staff to manage it.

With hosted exchange you don’t need expensive server hardware and software’s. All you need is hosted exchange account and configure outlook and portable devices to start sending and receiving emails.

Exchange email vs. Pop email

With exchange email you can sync your outlook and portable devices. You can setup your email account on your desktop PC and Laptop and all your emails, contacts, calendar are synced so you don’t need to go back and forth looking for emails or contact. With POP email once its downloaded on one client its not available on other. You also have to manage the PST files and making sure it doesn’t grow over 2GB in some cases.

We can provide hosted Exchange solution. Contact us today to get started.