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Aarya Systems has been providing IT Services and Solutions to Business in New Jersey and New York City since 2012. Our goal is to maintain and manage your business IT infrastructure and provide you the necessary on going support for existing and upcoming IT needs. See below for some of our solutions that can help your business benefit if it’s not already implemented in your organization.

Already have some solutions setup and need us to manage? No problem! we would be more than happy to do a site survey and take on your IT challenges.

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Why have a server solution for your business? (some examples)

  • With a server entire organizaion can share information.
  • You can set single point of backup from your server so you dont have to spend money for each PC backup.
  • Central application system for organization.
  • If your employee's store company related data on their local PC and if it crashes you lose all your work. With server solution you have backup copy.
  • Data can be more secured by user permissions.
  • Hard disk redundancy using RAID technologies.
  • Connect to your corporate office from anywhere in the world.

We offer onsite server setup and maintenance or hosted server solution.

24x7 Monitoring of servers.

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E-Mail Services

We offer hosted or in-house E-Mail services.

  • New MS Exchange server installation
  • MS Exchange server monitor and management
  • MS Exchange backup solution
  • Outlook web access to get to your email from anywhere in the world
  • Full MS Outlook application hosting
  • Email access via iPhone, iPad, Andriod, and other mail enabled devices

Why have a Email server solution?

With MS Exchange server you get more flexibility with data store. Currently you might be tied up with limited storage and you cannot exceed that limit. Once your mailbox is full your email box will be on hold and you would need to delete your emails in order to send and receive e-mails.

With Exchange you can have more storage for your mailbox.

What’s hosted MS Outlook?

We host MS Outlook application for you and you can access it from any Windows based PC or Apple MAC.

E-Mail disaster

If you delete a email from your Deleted Items you will not be able to retrieve unless you have some backup.

If you are storing your outlook data files on your local PC and if your PC gets infected with virus or the hard disk crashes you loose your emails, contacts, calendars, etc thats stored in your outlook.

We can help you with these type of disasters.


Having MS Exchange server gives a lot of benefits to any organization. Contact us to manage or host your email services.