F.A.Q's / Rates IT Services in NJ, NYC

How does your it services work?
We provide IT services and solutions to businesses that are located locally in NJ, NYC. This way we can make better relations with our clients by visiting their sites.
This also helps us and the client when there is a system problem we can go over as soon as possible to troubleshoot.

What are the rates for your IT services for business?
We work with clients on month to month basis and our rate varies on services required by our clients. To request a quote please fill out IT services quote form and we will contact you as soon as we can.

Do you support:
Microsoft Small Business Server?
Microsoft Windows 2016, 2012, 2008, 2003 Server?
Microsoft Exchange Server?

We have data stored on different computers and would like to have single place for all of our company data so everyone in the company can see the documents and files. Can you provide a solution to this?
Yes, We can setup a server that will store all your data on central location. This way you and your employees can access the same data.

Do you offer data backup solution?
Yes, We can setup onsite and remote backup.

We have a website and need to do some updates to it. Do you support it?
Yes, We would need to look at your website, how its programmed, and where its hosted.

Do you offer desktop and laptops installations for new employees?

Do you provide help desk support to employees in our business?

Do you give recommendation on IT solutions?
Yes, this is one of our primary goal to our clients.

We have employees that are on road or working from home and would like them to access information stored in our corporate location. Do you provide services for them?
Yes, We can setup client access VPN or Terminal Server so that they can gain access to information stored at your corporate location.

We have phone system and need to add lines for new employees. Do you support that?

Do you support hardware firewalls?

We have multiple offices and would like everyone to connect to central server for information. Can you setup or support it?
Yes, We can setup VPN (Virtual Private Network) tunnels between your sites to share information.

Do you manage users, computers, e-mail accounts?
Yes, as part of the managed services we provide users, computers, e-mail management including adding/deleting/modifying accounts.

We have server in-house and everyone can see all information. We want to restrict some users from certian folders. Can you provide solution for this?
Yes, We can setup folder permissions for users.


Do you offer remote support?
Yes, We access clients desktop and troubleshoot issues while they see everything on their screen. We gain access to clients system only when the client requests once the session is closed we have no control to clients desktop.



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